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Pole tents are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate very large events. Pole tents must be staked into the ground, and require more clearance than frame tents. 

Tenting books up very quickly. We recommend booking a tent at least six months in advance. We also offer “Rain Plan Only” tenting options, please ask our rental coordinators for details. Photo for illustration purposes only. Tent will vary from photo shown, based on your individual needs. Please refer to dimensions in description for approximate tent size and your contract for any added accessories.

Tents over 900 square feet are considered a temporary structure in Virginia and require a building permit, a fire inspection, fire extinguishers, and lighted exit signs. Generally, we handle this for you, and include the additional costs as a line item on your contract. Additional tent accessories, including sidewalls, perimeter lighting, zig-zag bistro lighting, catering lights, fans, and tent heaters are available as upgrades to your tent rental.


Tent FAQs:

How big of a tent will I need?

  • For a formal seated event, you will need no less than 20 square feet per person
  • For a stand-up style event, you will need 6-10 square feet per person
  • For theatre style seated events, you’ll need about 20 square feet per person
  • You’ll need 100 square feet per table for most tables, up to an 8′ banquet.
  • You’ll need 144 square feet per 6′ Round table.

What do you want to go under the tent?

  • How many guests do you expect?
  • Is this a standing style cocktail reception?
  • Is this a formal seated event?
  • Just room for guest seating?
  • Room for food tables, gifts, or cake?
  • Room to dance?
  • Will there be a band or DJ?

Where do you need this tent?

  • Can we stake it into the ground?
  • Site visits may be required—our staff will arrange that with you
  • If we are unable to stake your tent or it needs to go on paved or hard surface, it will require the addition of tent weights
  • These are generally water barrels or concrete blocks
  • Please note that pole tents MUST be staked

While we do offer a selection of clear top tents, we strongly suggest that you do not use them May – September, as it gets too hot under them do the the greenhouse effect.

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