New Year’s Eve is coming up soon and it’s time to outdo yourself again. Instead of the same ole’, same ole,’ why not pick something new? Make it a decade party and open up a whole new world of celebration possibilities. Whether you are planning a party for friends, family or a neighborhood, everyone can get in on the action.

Pick a Decade

First, you need to decide what decade you want to celebrate. Each one has something that is instantly recognizable and makes it unique. The 1920s called for flapper outfits, zoot suits and Charleston dance parties. The flower child era of the 60s and 70s is a fun and easy time to recreate with costumes.

A fun idea for large parties with diverse age groups could be to pick the decade of your birth. This could be fun for family parties or neighborhood parties where you are likely to have a variety of ages. Based on the theme, the guests could dress to represent their birth era. A fun activity could be to have a contest to pick the year, the decade or the character that the guest is dressed as.

Choose a Theme

Now that you have a decade in mind, narrowing down the fun party themes is where you can really get creative. A theme can drive the attire, the decorations, the music and the activities. Party decoration rentals can add authenticity to the theme without a lot of work. Some suggestions are:

  • Popular celebrities 
  • Characters from a movie
  • Iconic activity


Choosing a celebrity that was popular during the chosen time period for your party could be a lot of fun. You could do a quick search for the most famous movie stars, musicians, or infamous characters during the decade. A 50s themed party might have Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis or Elvis Presley as guests. If you picked the 1960s, you could have The Beatles or the Rolling Stones show up. An 80s party may inspire portrayals of Madonna, Michael Jackson or The Eurythmics, where a 90s theme might have Courtney Love, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Hurley, or the cast of Friends.

Movie Characters

Popular movies can be a fun theme, particularly when the movies have stood the test of time. Who doesn’t know the frightening movie The Birds or the classic pose of Marilyn Monroe in the famous white dress from The Seven Year Itch in the 50s? Is there anyone who hasn’t seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Star Wars from the 70s? An ‘aughts’ party or 2000 era party could prompt a theme inspired by The Gladiator or Lord of the Rings.

Iconic Activities or Events

If you don’t want to get too specific, try focusing on an iconic activity or event that shaped your chosen decade. American Bandstand and sock hops instantly call up the 50s, where surfing and the Beach Boys make us think of the 1960s. Make disco or Studio 54 your theme for the 80s.

Classic Food and Beverage

When it comes time to plan your food and drinks, take inspiration from the time period. Your provider for buffet catering should be able to help you with some throwback choices. Some fun 70s themed appetizers could be mini jello molds or ritz crackers with canned cheese. A bread bowl with a dip inside screams 1980s.

Your beverage service should also give a shout out to the era. The tequila sunrise was popular during the 70s, while the Singapore Sling was the drink to order in the 20s. When it is time for the champagne toast to the new year, don’t forget to reflect the era in the glassware, also. The flat, open champagne coupe was popular in the 50s, while the classic flute came around later.


When it’s time to plan your epic celebration, contact Classic Party Rentals for all your party decorations.