Whether you are throwing a party to commemorate a landmark birthday, or you are organizing a lavish business event, why not make games a part of the evening? A 2019 study found that companies that play games enjoy a big productivity boost, but on a personal level, games can also break the ice through a magical ingredient when it comes to social interaction: laughter. Classic Party Rentals of Virginia will ensure your venue and food exudes all the style and luxury you wish for, but how once the action begins, you can definitely up the fun factor without losing an iota of glamour! The following ideas might give you a little inspiration.

Secret Message

People love putting their ability to analyze others to the test. This game asks guests to do just that. Place a message beneath each of your diner’s plates. The message should be a little strange. For instance, it might read, “I used to work as an astronaut,” “I enjoy listening to heavy techno music,” or “My favorite subject at school was recess.” The aim for guests is to slip their message into the general conversation without anyone noticing. As guests start calling each other out, the atmosphere will become increasingly jovial.

Creating Art Together

Art therapy has a wealth of benefits for your mental health, since it lowers stress levels and helps put you in a positive frame of mind. If you are having a dinner party, why not invite every guest to create one art work they can keep or give away to another guest? If you are celebrating your event in a luxurious garden tent, why not take your cue from nature and invite your guests to draw simple shapes from nature such as flowers? If your party is small enough to permit the expense, lining up elegant canvasses on easels in the garden can make for a wonderful after-lunch activity that your friends or colleagues will surely remember for a lifetime.

Glam Trivial Pursuit

People love after-dinner games like Trivial Pursuit, but instead of using the traditional board game, why not create your own questions, focusing on the lifestyle areas your friends love? You might ask questions on top designers, famous celebrity scandals or news, or collection names from your favorite jewelry brands. Of course, personalized quizzes don’t have to be all about glamor. They can center on history or any other subject you think your guests will love. Group everyone into teams to encourage more social interaction.

Conversation Starters

This game involves each guest wearing a badge that prompts other guests to ask them about something. The badge can read “Ask me about where I grew up as a child,” “Ask me about my favorite film director,” or “Ask me about the person I would most like to have dinner with.” This game is ideal for cocktail events in which guests mingle and enjoy Champagne and canapés on foot. This game can create some unexpected connections so don’t be surprised if a few of your guests end up exchanging numbers afterwards!

Even the most elegant party can still benefit from the social benefits of games. The key to picking the right game is to opt for original, fun games that even more introverted people will be comfortable playing. Badges, secret messages, and trivial information games work well, so base these around the topics that tend to arise every time your group throws a lunch or dinner party.