Summertime is often thought of by many as the best time of the year, and for good reason. The warmer weather tends to bring family and friends together in a celebratory fashion. Whether planning your child’s graduation party, hosting a family reunion, or just celebrating the end of a long winter, the perfect summer party can be more fun and less stress than it needs to be. Event planning 101 – choose a theme for your party. It is a great tool for guiding your food and decoration choices, leaving you fewer decisions to make and greater peace of mind.

First Things First

Get these basic tasks done and you will be off to a great start!

  • Determine your date, time, location, guests, and theme for the party
  • Send out invitations with date, time, location, attire, what food you will be serving and when the food will be served
  • Plan your menu – create a food and beverage shopping list
  • Decide if it makes sense to rent tables, chairs, flatware or china
  • Delegate responsibilities to family or friends so that you are not left doing everything!
  • Be sure you have a back-up plan in case it rains

Additional Things to Consider

Borrow or Rent – Do you have enough tables/seating for the size of your group? Depending on group size, for less than $2.00/chair, you can provide ample, comfortable seating at an affordable price. From table rental, chair rental, and tent rental, to china and glassware, you can rent anything you need. For just under $300, rent a decent-sized dance floor so your guests can boogie down!

Mosquitos – our favorite summer friends! Not! Make sure to remove any standing water on your property – rain gutters, kiddie pools, the base of flowerpots. Provide bottles of bug spray and/or bug wipes for your guests.

Kids! – Keep them busy! You may already have play equipment in your backyard, which is great. Slip and slides and sprinklers keep kids busy for hours. If you’d like to capture moments of the party on camera, put some kids to work with disposable cameras. For younger kids, have a basket full of bottles of bubbles.

Music – keep music at a reasonable volume level so people can hear each other talk. A 5-hour playlist is best advised. The safest music choices are classics, but you know your crowd best and what their collective taste might be.

Lighting – Just a little bit of ambient lighting from lights strung along the top of your fence, along your deck, or through tree branches creates a beautiful effect. You can find reasonable strings of lights online or at big box stores. Tealights and hurricane lanterns also add lovely evening lighting.

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